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Yes, You CAN Meditate

There are so many great reasons to meditate besides being “mindful”, such as better sleep, less stress and even weight loss and lessening pain.
But many feel they simply can not sit still for long periods of time or stay focused. Just trying to meditate and finding it difficult can add to our frustration, stress, and pain!

Personally, I feel the major benefit of meditation for me, is to be able to pull back into my self and put things in perspective, – remembering that I am a spiritual being living in a body, rather than the other way around.
But I also had, and still do have trouble sitting still. After taking a few meditation classes, I was able to discover “walking Meditation”.
I still recommend at least a few minutes sitting still to start because, just trying to meditate while walking in the world is difficult.

Start with 5-10 minutes of sitting meditation, going through your steps to pull back into your core.
I took a class at Psychic Institute in San Francisco, where we start with grounding.
Here are the steps I go through to get into my body:

Take a few deep breaths, whatever feels comfortable to you. Picture a cord going through you into the middle of the earth. Really visualize this, then picture the room you are in having all corners grounded into the middle of the earth.

Now visualize running through your chakras from the root up. Feel each one and when at the crown chakra, visualize a cord of violet light into the sky or universe or up to heaven (whatever you believe in) Now say hello to your spiritual self.
After this we went through many different energy exercises to release things, people, energies, etc. or to focus on others. But this is a good start to just pull within and stay centered, getting in touch with your spiritual self.

After you feel very comfortable there, hold this and practice walking very slowly in a safe and quiet place while staying in this spiritual place.
Eventually you can do this while walking down a city street. I don’t recommend it while driving and if you need to follow directions or focus on safety, of course it won’t work.

This is a great five minute exercise before a stressful meeting for example. You can start in your office and as you walk into the meeting this visualization and being centered in your body stays with you, so you do not take things personally. You are able to stay to stay in the place of detachment from the little issues and stay in awareness of the bigger one.