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Dry January Survival Tips

Five Natural Tips to end cravings and feel better today, so you don't quit You had great intentions January first - But now you’re tired, grumpy, and having surprisingly serious cravings for a drink. Trying to go dry in January, the most depressing month of the year, is difficult enough but if you don’t support your body and mind

Be A Rockstar at the Party & the Office

IT'S THIRSTY THURSDAY which means the weekend has begun. Because, who actually works on Fridays... Us! We are Rockstars at the party and the office. Which means you need a system, just like everything else. If you are going to tax your body, you need to replenish. Here are some tips: Everyone

Acetaminophen is BAD for hangovers!

Acetaminophen is BAD for Hangovers! DON'T TAKE ACETAMINOPHEN here's why: HERE'S JUST ONE OF THE MANY ARTICLES ON THIS from Women's Health: You’re going to want to think twice before taking Tylenol to help alleviate a nasty hangover. Combining acetaminophen and alcohol increases your risk of kidney disease, according to a preliminary study