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Hangover Prevention for St. Patricks Day

A common misconception about hangover prevention is that it’s all about dehydration. Actually, it is about many things including depletion of key nutrients, inflammation, oxidation, and more. Everyone drinks too much now and then, and some of us get hangovers from just one drink – so planning and prevention are

Dry January Survival Guide

It's a sad fact that most People will give up on their New Year's Resolutions within the first two weeks, and cleanses have a higher rate of failure than diets. Dry January, though a new concept, has an even lower success rate so far. As a Nutraceutical Consultant, I have

Glutathione – The Ultimate Detoxifier/Anti-oxidant

Glutathione is considered one of the most important amino acids/molecules you have. It has been called the Master Detoxifier and the Maestro of Immunity It is needed to fight cancer, dementia, heart disease and so much more but most people have never heard of it - or don't know how to get

Be A Rockstar at the Party & the Office

IT'S THIRSTY THURSDAY which means the weekend has begun. Because, who actually works on Fridays... Us! We are Rockstars at the party and the office. Which means you need a system, just like everything else. If you are going to tax your body, you need to replenish. Here are some tips: Everyone

Ultimate Hangover Cure – Love Your Liver! PH 2

For The Second Part of Our Ultimate Hangover cure we cover: Phase Two Detoxification Pathway... As mentioned in my last post:, the liver works through two phases: Phase 1 & Phase 2. This is How to Support Phase 2: In phase two the liver now attaches these broken down intermediate metabolites (say that 3 times