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Isn’t it about time a book came out that covers all the great nutritional and lifestyle support people can follow to help offset the damaging effects of alcohol?

Now there is. Welcome to :

“The Healthy Wine Lover”

Nutritional Damage Control For Imbibers

With a funny, entertaining slant, we want to educate you about the damaging effects of alcohol, and then give advice on what really works in nutrition along with “tips n tricks” to offset the damaging effects of alcohol and avoid the dreaded hangover.

 This isn’t just another hangover book. It is about the effects of alcohol, how it is metabolized and how a person could protect themself (as much as possible) through supplementation, diet and lifestyle. While there are quite a few hangover books there aren’t any that are devoted to guarding your body from the damaging effects of alcohol long term, short term and, well…tonight.

The last few years there has been an epidemic rise in alcohol consumption, worldwide. Even otherwise healthy, active, gym going, vitamin popping, highly functioning folks are drinking more and don’t want or plan to stop.

You know it’s unhealthy and are aware of the statistics. You know the alcohol content of your Pinot and Chardonnay, and even the calories in every drink – but you aren’t slowing down.
My book caters to the overachiever.

You work out, take vitamins for muscle building, fat burning, sleep, hormones, focus, mood and more.

You may have books on buy diet, hormones, blood type, skin care and yet there is not one book on damage control for drinking.

Until now.

Healthy Wine Lover