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Hangover Hacker’s Tips for Socializing Without Drinking

Sometimes it is simply not the night to drink for whatever reason. Here is my protocol. 

Maybe you’re the designated driver or you have a big meeting in the morning, so a hangover is not an option. Whatever the reason, there are times we need to be in social situations and don’t want to be tempted to drink.

Hangover Hacker Protocol:

  1. Keep you blood sugar up.

Often times we think we are craving a drink or sugary snack, but actually it is because our blood sugar is low and we are thirsty. These actually go hand in hand. When we get dehydrated our glucose goes down.

My Solution; drink a lot of water all day and eat right, but if I show up craving a drink my favorite beverage is half soda and half lemonade. You can choose cranberry or whatever, but I recommend this half and half system because you need to keep your blood sugar up, but too much juice isn’t good for so many reasons, and it isn’t hydrating enough.

  1. Stay happy and energized.

When we are tired and grumpy – we want a drink & we want it now! For most of us in Western societies, the mid afternoon blood sugar crash is a daily norm. I believe this is how the “cocktail hour” came about.

My Solution; take amino acids on an empty stomach (or with fruit, no protein) before you show up to your event. So, say you’re feeling hungry around 3 or 4, before you have a snack or coffee take Gaba 1000 mg (the calming amino) and Glutamine (the craving curbing, energizing amino) 1000+mg.

…And feel your happy self coming back!

I also LOVE DL-Phenylalanine 500mg (the happy amino), but some people can’t take this.

These are the right amounts for me, but I have a sensitive system, so if you are a 200 lb man, you may need more, especially Glutamine. But start with 1000 mg of Gaba and 1000+ of glutamine. Wait 30 minutes –then have your snack or whatever. An extra benefit is that Glutamine is the building block amino for your gut and it has been shown to cut down on cravings including sugar and alcohol.

3.Take a break.

Drunk humor starting to get on your nerves? I have noticed that the conversation in most social situations starts changing after about two drinks. To the drinkers it is funnier and more honest. To the non-drinker it can feel loud and stupid, ie: irritating.

My solution: Take an outside break and focus on mindfulness. Pull your self back into your body. I can do this pretty quickly by focusing on the chakra area in the center of my head, and visually grounding myself, if needed. These are all techniques that once you practice you can do quickly any place. There is too much on the internet about this to mention but research grounding, mindfulness, meditation, etc.

Remember why you are there…and if you can – grab a cab!

If you can’t leave, take a second dose of Gaba.

This is truly one of those ‘grin & bear it’ moments.

Cheers & to your health!