Milk Thistle Benefits

Milk Thistle Benefits


The main benefit that this herb is known for is liver detoxification
– which leads to many other benefits. By supporting your liver you support your entire body and mind.

The liver helps remove harmful substances from our blood, aids in hormone production, detoxifies the body, releases glucose into the bloodstream in order to give our body steady energy and releases bile into our small intestine so fat can be absorbed from foods.
Think of it like this – the liver is the filter of our body – once your filter is backed up – your entire system becomes toxic.

Milk thistle has actually been around and prescribed for it’s healing properties for over 2000 years.
It is a simple herb that grows in warm climates and is readily available.

Milk thistle is shown to decrease, or even reverse, damage to the liver that’s been caused by prescription medications, antibiotics, pollution, heavy metals and so on. It helps to increase liver enzymes, which are an important part of the livers function.

By cleansing the liver it helps all sorts of things such as:

Helping to control diabetes.
Helping to control cholesterol.
Helping to prevent gallstones.
It has even been shown in studies to help prevent cancer!
And of course, all this leads to anti-aging benefits.

I have been telling my friends for years “if you only do one thing for your liver and health – take milk thistle daily”

It’s almost Spring – jump-start a healthy cleanse by taking your milk thistle!

Cheers & to your health!