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Kate Spades Death Really Bothered Me – But Maybe She Was Just Ready To Move On?

I First heard it in my car, alone sitting in traffic.
It felt extra lonely I had no one to talk to about it.

What was especially bothersome to me is that I have been a little obsessed with near-death experiences and reincarnation. It got to where I have been u-tubing about death the last two nights before sleeping, so it felt really eery and a bit like a message, as I have had this afterlife thing on my mind non-stop lately.
Not that I want to go there – just that I enjoy knowing that this life isn’t necessarily all there is. In America, we are so focused on happiness and constantly striving for a better life yet sometimes no matter how hard we try – and even do everything ‘right’ some people just never get where they should according to our standards. I have been doing it myself since graduating and yet although from the outside it looks like I should be successful in all those areas – I have had more bad luck and bazaar negative twists of fate than anyone I have EVER met. And I have met more people than most after living in five different cities and being very social.

The night before I heard the announcement, I had been listening to Delores Canon non-stop and was looking into studying Quantum Hypnosis. I find this whole ‘previous lives’ thing so interesting right now.
I am starting to understand suicide from a different angle. I have gone through phases like this before such as after reading Many Lives Many Masters, but this time seems so sure to me – the idea of many lives.

Friends have been posting on Facebook about how angry they are about all these suicides and how they don’t understand.
I want to post back my thoughts on this idea of ‘maybe they were just done here and ready to go to the next place’.
But I won’t because I don’t want to get the backlash.

I have known and truly believe we are spirits living in a temporary body. so who is to say many of these incredibly gifted people/souls we get to know while they are here – aren’t just ready to move on?

I apologize if this offends and I’m sure it will – but I know there are others out there that agree.