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The Future is Now

This site is like your favorite glass of wine. The first sip of the vintage scotch you hold in your hand. It’s to be taken in lightly, absorbed in the moment and will only be fully understood with time.  For years now people have claimed to have the answers; claimed to have the “cure” for the never ending, always brutal feeling called a HANGOVER.

These claims can be compared to the quest of turning lead into gold. Which was finally conquered in 1951 just north of one of the many places this book was written.. Finally though an ANSWER has been brought down to us!!! well kind of..

We might not be Glenn T. Seaborg  but our book “The Partygoers’ guide to success”  and our site help will bust the myths,  will show the truth about the real effects of everyday drinking, and with the help of our team of writers, experts, and nutritionists, they will show you should do during the day and what to do during your night out so won’t regret saying   “I’ll just have one more.” So think of this intro below as your first simple at a wine tasting event, that will surely become your new favorite bottle of wine for years to come.