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HALLOWEEN HANGOVER?! What Really Works For Relief Now And The Next Time

With Halloween falling mid week this year, many ghouls will be partying a few nights in a row and your costume won’t be the only thing taking a beating.
Your liver will too.

If you want to make it through the week without going from one hangover to the next here are some tips:

Plan ahead:
• Start drinking extra water through out the day, not just the night of (if you even do this). Showing up thirsty guarantees you’ll drink more than you should. If you know you will be at a crowded bar with over worked bartenders, bring your own water. Ideally you should drink half your body weight in ounces, daily, so if you weigh 150lb’s you’ll drink 75 oz of water daily.
• Eat balanced meals throughout the day and just before hitting the party to be sure you keep your blood sugar balanced, thereby avoiding the carbohydrate craving that can lead to over drinking. You’ll also slow the absorption of alcohol, avoiding the ‘immediately drunk syndrome’.
• Leave your ‘before bed’ supplements along with a BIG glass of water on your nightstand, so you remember to take them before going to sleep.

• Order your water first, then your drink. Servers are notorious for ‘forgetting’ your water. They want you thirsty so you will drink more alcohol, which is how they get paid. If you order the drinks first, then water, they will ‘forget’ your water 80% of the time. Instead order water first, so say something like: “two tall ice waters” then hesitate, then “and two vodka sodas please”.
• Tip well; they’ll give you all the water you need.
• Keep your drinks clean. The hang over contributors are congeners, which are in colored drinks such are whiskeys or dark tequilas. In general clear drinks like vodka tend to be slightly less toxic.

• Be sure to take your vitamins, fish oil and liver support supplements all day to stock up on needed essentials that your body and liver will be requiring while imbibing. For liver support look for supplements with Dandlion, Milk Thistle, Artichoke and other liver support nutrients.
• Consider having a green-cleansing juice daily through out the week. Include wheatgrass, ginger, kale, celery, beet, & apple.

If you are hung over now and looking for relief, forget all the greasy food and coffee advice. Get some real support your body needs to replace what you depleted. Things like MSM, B-vitamins, and N-Acetyl Cysteine will make you feel better within 20 minutes when taken in the right amounts and at the right time.

Get outa bed…
Get a big green juice to rejuvenate you and…
Get to the health food store (stock up for the holiday season) and replenish!