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Dry January Survival Tips

Five Natural Tips to end cravings and feel better today, so you don’t quit

You had great intentions January first – But now you’re tired, grumpy, and having surprisingly serious cravings for a drink.

Trying to go dry in January, the most depressing month of the year, is difficult enough but if you don’t support your body and mind to help those cravings – you’ve set yourself up for failure.

Healthy wine lover to the rescue – Five things you can do today to stop those cravings, get your happy face back, and succeed at Dry January.

Keep your blood sugar up. Often we think we are craving alcohol when we may just have low blood sugar. It’s not a coincidence that “happy hour” starts at three in the afternoon in many places. This is when our blood sugar drops after lunch and or if we consume caffeine all day. (Hence the lines at Starbucks at 3 pm). I like to sip half orange juice or lemonaide and half sparkling water all afternoon once those cravings start.

Stay hydrated, often we crave a drink because we are thirsty. Nuf said.

Get to a health food store and pick up Kudzu. This is an herb that is known for curbing alcohol cravings – and it actually works.

Help your liver with Milk Thistle. While you are there – pick up Milk Thistle. One of the possible reasons you don’t feel well is often because your body is now detoxing and your liver needs help eliminating all those toxins.  If your liver is backed up, those toxins go back into your blood stream making you feel – well toxic. Milk thistle is known for helping to create the enzymes in your liver that are needed to process toxins whether they are from inside or outside.

Take high quality B vitamins. Same as 4, B vitamins help your liver do it’s  job– The liver has a process called “methylation” which is part of the process of breaking down toxins so they can be eliminated. Your liver needs B vitamins to do this. Studies show that as much as 40% of the population may not “methylate” their B vitamins naturally. So for extra help, you can take methylated B vitamins, saving your stressed liver from working so hard.

Start this today and let me know how it goes.

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Cheers and to your health!