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Yes, You CAN Meditate

There are so many great reasons to meditate besides being "mindful", such as better sleep, less stress and even weight loss and lessening pain. But many feel they simply can not sit still for long periods of time or stay focused. Just trying to meditate and finding it difficult can

Mindful Drinking

MINDFUL DRINKING…OXYMORON? LATELY THERE HAS BEEN A LOT about mindful drinking. Everyone from meditation experts to ex alcoholics are putting their opinions on it - out there. Personally I believe drinking is partly a spiritual experience and can heighten our spirituality…. Until about the third. I personally practice mindfulness and believe it is an

Hangover Hacker’s Tips for Socializing Without Drinking

Sometimes it is simply not the night to drink for whatever reason. Here is my protocol.  Maybe you’re the designated driver or you have a big meeting in the morning, so a hangover is not an option. Whatever the reason, there are times we need to be in social situations and