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About Elizabeth

As a Nutraceutical Consultant, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the top Naturopathic & Integrative Medical doctors in the country. I’ve been to the cutting edge seminars and conferences on Natural Neurotransmitters, Detoxification, Inflammation and much more. Our company came out with the newest therapies and products based on the latest research and I consulted and educated health practitioners on top quality nutraceutical products created for specific therapeutic outcomes, and have seen the benefits they provide. And so, I have found myself often giving advice to friends about supplements and weight loss, blood sugar balancing, depression, sleep and…drinking.

Before and after Nutraceutical Consulting I have been in PR/Events/Marketing in San Francisco where dinner consists of appetizers and alcohol, breakfast is coffee, and lunch is stress. I survived by putting what I know about nutrition and health into practice and taking high quality, therapeutic products for protection from the damaging effects of this lifestyle.”

The first time I realized the need for this book was at a networking event in San Francisco. With wine in hand, I was chatting with a stranger when I briefly explained what I did and the benefits of Milk Thistle. Within minutes, I had a crowd of people around me taking notes on bar napkins.
Earlier that day, I had just come home from a Naturopathic Conference on Liver Detoxification. Back then, whenever I would get back to my neighborhood, it would always surprise me to see a world of smart, hard working, otherwise healthy, people that knew nothing about offsetting the damages of imbibing.

The first time I put my hangover concoctions together was at a Naturopathic conference. We all had fun the evening before, so many of us were hung over, including my doctor/clients who don’t ususally drink much. I decided to make some of my hangover combinations and hand them out. I put together a combination of amino acids, vitamins, natural pain killers, energizers, and more, with my personal, specific directions on how to take it all in stages.
They loved it”.

That was three years ago and since then my brother died of alcohol related liver issues and internal bleeding. He had been going through a hard time with his marriage and business for a few years. I didn’t see him much during this time and my family & I didn’t know how bad things had gotten. I feel so strongly that if he knew about what I blog about here, he could have pulled through this time.

There has been an epidemic rise in alcohol consumption worldwide, so now this information is needed more than ever. The fact is, as much as society wants to ignore it, everyone is drinking more. This has many ramifications short and long term in many different areas, which is why I have now broken this down into three different areas rather just nutritional protection. In this time I have also been on my own spiritual  journey and have studied with many healers and teachers including astrologers, shamans, meditation experts, buddists, ministers, and more. I have experimented with, took on & tossed out many different modes of growth to find what works for me and my monkey mind and human dysfunctions. “It is a process”, and a never ending journey.

I’ve realized the need for a more mindful approach to imbibing. While offsetting the damages is very important, looking at what is now called “problem drinking” is important too. This caused me to break down my subject & books into Body, Mind, Soul.

Now I am on a mission to get this information out to everyone that imbibes – but without all all the technical babble and judgement that will make your eyes cloud over.

My level of knowledge is deep enough to train doctors on this information, yet I can put this medical & spiritual information into a quick – ‘just give me the basic’s’, laymen’s terms so everyone can benefit to the level they need.

In addition, I have invited my friends and clients that are top doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, shamans, astrologers, meditation experts, wine makers, bartenders and more to give their advice in all areas of ‘Healthy Drinking’ to bring you the most complete, yet simple way, to protect yourself from the damages of imbibing.  My Lifestyle Hacking = No More Hangovers -Body, Mind & Soul.