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5 Hangover Cures You Have in Your Kitchen NOW!

5 Hangover Cures you have in your kitchen RIGHT NOW…

Are you in that indecisive, grey fog phase right now? Just hanging out, dwelling on what you SHOULD be doing yet not able to do much of anything, except a lot of self-loathing and wondering how much aspirin is too much…

    Well chipper up! – drag your sorry butt out of bed, because you may have a plethora of help in your kitchen right now…

  1. Burnt toast. Burnt toast creates charcoal, which is the most absorbent thing you can put in your body. It will help absorb all those toxins left over from last night
  2. Pickle Juice. this is an ancient cure from Russia. They swear by it, so open that jar and chug away. Kidding – maybe start with small sips.
  3. Eggs. Yes, this is one of the real hangover cures that has science behind it. Eggs have Cysteine, a much-needed amino acid for your liver function.
  4. Soda water and OJ. Orange juice has potassium and sugar – two things you desperately need when hung over. Soda water is refreshing, calming to your stomach and helps the OJ get absorbed.
  5. Baking Soda. Baking soda is alkalizing. Alcohol leaves you very acidic. Just add a pinch to you OJ soda water combo for a super morning after re-hydrator.

Orange Juice. Orange Juice has 450 mg of potassium per cup, which you washed out with all those drinks. Drink up.