Lifestyle Hacking and Hangover Prevention

Alcohol is a toxin. Protecting ourselves from the ravages of toxins, is imperative.

What most people don’t seem to realize is that there is much we can do to support our body in metabolizing & eliminating alcohol and other toxins for optimum health.

I’m not just talking about the usual Hangover Prevention like ‘drink water & eat first. The fact is the body goes through alot to detox what we ingest. There are many steps throughout the liver, kidney, pancrease, cirulatory system, brain and more that are effected. It is extremely depleting.


This isn’t just about hangovers it’s about a lifestyle. We are a society of wanting it all – to “party like a rock star” and be a star at the office the next day too.It’s about optimum health but having fun too. Living clean, being the best you can be, & enjoying yourself too.

 Here & in my upcoming books you will learn how alcohol is metabolized, why you get a hangover and what really happens when you drink & how to protect & replenish your liver, brain, and the rest of you. We cover issues like blood sugar, sleep cycle, depression, pain and more.  

Through lifestyle hacking for hangover prevention & cures – you can have your cocktails and stay healthy too!

Hangover Prevention